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About Cognitive Links Corporate Training Service:

Cognitive Links was established with the objective of contributing to the advancement of analytics ecosystem in Southeast Asia and becoming your One-stop Center by creating knowledge exchange and opportunities for growth for all Data professionals across Southeast Asia.

Data Analytics Needs in Southeast Asia:

According to a recent industry report, there has been a significant increase in adoption of Data Analytics by companies across South East Asian countries. Discovering business insights is the main driving force for the adoption of Data Analytics. Countries including Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam showed up on top of this list.

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Data Analytics has significant areas for improvement which can stretch from lack of skill sets, legal limitations, and successful implementation. In 2018, more than 80% of companies in the Asia Pacific anticipated that Data Analytics will play a significant role in their organizational decision-making process in the next five years. Thus, 29% of organizations in APAC depend on the expertise of individual employees and do not either have the budget or the necessary knowledge to set up dedicated analytics departments.

What We Offer:

Every organization has unique requirements. From Up-skilling your current talent with techniques and technology knowledge or raising awareness about the benefits of Data Analytics to strategizing your Data Analytics projects, we are here to help you by hosting the most customized workshops to suit your specific needs.


We believe that what makes a workshop valuable and beneficial is the combination of Facilitators knowledge and hands-on experience on the subject. Hence we have partnered with professionals who have extensive hands-on experience in their respective fields. We will be able to offer you the most practical and customized workshops that will help you to equip your team with the necessary knowledge that can be applied to solve real-life challenges and scenarios.

Our mission is to serve Data community with heart and to provide you with the most personalized services and products that will help empower you and your team to achieve greater heights.

Data Analytics & Data Science


Cognititve Links - Courses - Marketing A

Data Analytics Course for Marketing Professionals

Cognititve Links - Courses - Risk & Frau

Data Analytics Course for Risk and Fraud Specialists

Cognititve Links - Courses - Python Prog

Programming In Python

Cognititve Links - Courses - R Programmi

Programming In R

Cognititve Links - Courses - Machine Lea

Foundation Of

Machine Learning

Cognititve Links - Courses - Machine Lea

Machine Learning Course Using Python

Cognititve Links - Courses - Machine Lea

Machine Learning Course Using R

Cognititve Links - Courses - Machine Lea

Machine Learning Course Using Google TensorFlow

Cognititve Links - Courses - Deep Learni

Deep Learning Course Using Python

Cognititve Links - Courses - Deep Learni

Deep Learning Course Using Google TensorFlow

Cognititve Links - Courses - Data Scienc

Foundation of

Data Science

Cognititve Links - Courses - Data Visual

Data Visualization in R, Python, Matplotlib, Tableau

Cognititve Links - Courses - Spark.png

Data Processing Course With Spark 2.0

Cognititve Links - Courses - Apache PySp

Data Processing Course Using PySpark

Cognititve Links - Courses - Applied Art

Applied Artificial Intelligence Training

Cognititve Links - Courses - Natural Lan

Natural Language Processing Course

Cognititve Links - Courses - Natural Lan

Natural Language Processing for Text Mining

Cognititve Links - Courses - Big Data &

Mastering Big Data in Hadoop Ecosystem

Cognititve Links - Courses - Microsoft A

Microsoft Azure Training

Cognititve Links - Courses - Scala.png

Mastering Functional Programming in Scala

Cognititve Links - Courses - SAS.png

SAS Training

Cognititve Links - Courses - SAP.png

SAP Foundation To Professional Training

Cognititve Links - Courses - Tableau.png

Tableau Training

Cognititve Links - Courses - Django.png

Django Framework Training

How Does It Work?

Even though we have consulted a great number of Data Professionals from a wide array of industries and backgrounds, we understand that every organization has unique requirements. Thus, we have set up an easy process to customize and alter each and every workshop to your specific needs.


Simply choose your desired workshop and let us take care of the rest. To determine your team’s skill level, we will provide you with an evaluation process. We will share the result with you alongside the recommended training packages. You can then choose your preferred package, your desired venue, your preferred method of delivery and your very own trainer. Feel free to contact us to get the process started!

Cognitive Links - Corporate Training Pro

Feel free to contact us via this contact form or simply drop your inquiries to

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