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People Analytics & HR Tech Summit is coming to Jakarta - 13th and 14th Nov 2019

Delighted and excited to announce "People Analytics & HR Tech Summit 2019" – Indonesia’s 1st International HR Analytics Conference – is scheduled for 13th and 14th November 2019. CLPAID19 will bring 15+ speakers from some of the most renowned organizations from across region to Jakarta to share some of the best-case practices in leveraging the power of Data Analytics for HR function. Join us now to enjoy High-Level presentations by expert HR practitioners, case studies on how to discover data insights and use them to optimize your HR process, implementation tips to help you get started with your own HR Analytics journey, and a unique networking experience with international and local HR experts. Join us to get your questions answered by international speakers on the latest technology trends for competitive advantage.

Feel free to visit or contact to find out more and reserve your seats. #CLPAID19 #hranalytics #peopleanalytics #datascience #HR #employeeengagement #humancapital #employeeexperience

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