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HR Analytics Workshops:

Roadmap to

HR Analytics Mastery

Master HR Analytics in 16 Days

July & August 2024

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Roadmap to HR Analytics Mastery:


About this course: 

Welcome to the HR Analytics Mastery Workshop Series, an exclusive and expertly curated program designed to empower HR professionals with the analytical acumens for transforming HR practices to data-driven decision making.

This comprehensive series consists of six meticulously crafted workshops, each spanning two days, providing an immersive learning experience. Join us to master HR Analytics with tools such as Excel, Power BI, Power Query, and R to gain profound insights and learn to:

  • How to identify and analyze factors driving employee attrition using Power BI?

  • How to track employee leaves & shifts with Power BI for better workforce management?

  • How to assess the impact of employee training programs on performance?

  • How to analyze training drainage and its organizational impact?

  • How to create a dashboard to measure training programs’ ROI?

  • How to develop a dashboard for employee feedback on training?

  • How to measure HR training performance and effectiveness?

  • How to design an HR payroll dashboard and analyze payroll date effectively?

  • How to optimize employee rewards and compensation?

  • How to develop a dashboard for workforce performance metrics?

  • How to measure and track employee engagement using a dashboard?

  • How to ensure fair compensation through pay grade analysis?

  • How to use Power BI and R to predict employee attrition?

  • How to gain insights from employee survey data?

  • How to use A/B testing to determine the effectiveness of every HR intervention?

  • How to analyze and predict future changes in pay grades?

  • How to use HR analytics for succession planning & developing next generation of leaders?

  • How to enhance HR analytics with AI?

What will you learn in HR Analytics Mastery Series:

Welcome! HR Analytics Mastery Series is designed to empower HR Practitioners of all skill levels to kick start their HR Analytics learning journey. This workshop series is designed to offer flexibility to participants' of varying levels of knowledge and skills. Each session builds upon the previous one, but if you are familiar with the basics, you can seamlessly start with the intermediate workshop.

Start at Your Level: Whether you're a beginner or have some experience, you can join the workshop that best suits your current knowledge. If you’re already familiar with the basics, feel free to start with the intermediate session.

No Obligation to Complete All Levels: You are welcome to attend only the sessions that meet your needs. If you decide to stop after the intermediate level, that's perfectly fine. There's no requirement to proceed to the advanced session unless you choose to do so.

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If you have completed the skill training or possess equivalent proficiency in Excel and Power BI, you are now ready to enrol in our HR Analytics Professionals Certification Programs. You can choose your desired workshop based on your current skill level, and each level will qualify you for the corresponding certification. Refer to the list below for more details.


Professional certification programs are endorsed by and delivered in partnership with our education partner SEGI College. You will receive your certification upon successful completion of the workshop. Please note that you are required to pass the assessment test to be awarded with the professional certification.

All workshops are 100% claimable under HRDC


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How to enroll?

1. Registration

We are pleased to be your learning partner. Whether you are a professional seeking to improve your professional skills or a training manager looking to upskill your team, we are here to assist.

Please fill up the form above and our officers will contact you shortly and assist with your registration. 

2. Delivery

Upon completing your registration, we will start our communication with you to prepare you for the workshop. All necessary information such as login detail, training materials, notes, data sets, required software and more will be provided. 

3. Payment

Please enquire in for all the detail of these workshops including the pricing detail for each of the sessions. 

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