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Data Analytics, The Roadmap to Recovery

Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines 9.00 am
Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand 8.00 am
Australia, Sydney 11.00 am 
India IST 6.30 am



Over the past few years, organizations have been heavily focusing on harnessing the power of data analytics to gain an advantage over their competitors. Data Analytics is being applied to a wide range of business challenges. Companies are realizing the potential capabilities of embedding data analytics into human resource functions while leading organizations are already exploiting People Analytics to their competitive advantage with recruitment holding the number one focus, followed by performance measurement and compensation.


The ability to use people's data, derive insights from it, and help influence decisions has become an integral part of the HR function. Data Analytics is helping companies to track absenteeism, turnover, burnout, performance, and much more. Data and Analytics are now critical in shaping and intelligently managing the workforce of the future. 




People Analytics Virtual 2020 will be the first International live (online) Conference on People Analytics to bring experienced speakers both from regional and international companies to redefine the application of Data Analytics in HR function. Especially, when the world of work is being severely affected by the global virus pandemic a chief people officer can make or break a company. 
HR Leaders now more than ever before, will have a critical role in shaping their companies` future. Role of People Analytics Leaders in helping Chief HR Officers increases in importance as the type of data provided will be crucial for the decision-making process. 
We have invited several speakers to showcase how their organizations have coped with the rapid changes in their workforce requirements and adjusted to what is now being referred to as the “New Normal”.  
This virtual conference will be an insight-packed day of back to back presentations. Fifteen presentations and one interactive panel discussion is scheduled for 30th June. Presentations will cover all aspects of Data Analytics adoption in HR practices with case-studies and tips on how to embark on people/HR analytics adoption journey.



 Former Senior HR Executive at Google 



We have a line up of multiple back to back presentations by some of the most recognized People Analytics professionals from across regions to give you an insight-packed day of learning, unlike any other!



People Analytics Director, Schneider Electric, Global, SG



Former Head of Data and People Analytics, QBE Insurance, AU. 



Cost vs Benefits of People Analytics adoption amidst the current crisis.

and much more!



Our past edition of People Analytics and HR Tech Summit achieved tremendous success in 2019. It was recognized as the first initiative to have a fresh look at the topic of data-driven HR in the region. Building on our past success, we are certain that the upcoming People Analytics Virtual Conference will become a “must-attend” event for all HR Analytics enthusiasts in the region.

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