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Art of Influencing & Persuasion Skills Training


MYR 6,000 Group / Day


Two Days Course


Date Upon Request


Client's Office


100% HRDC Claimable T&C Applied


In today's competitive world, the ability to influence and persuade others is a crucial skill for personal and professional success. This training program is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and techniques needed to become effective influencers and persuaders. Join us to master the art of persuasion, build stronger relationships, and achieve your goals with finesse.

Why You Should Attend:

  • Develop the power to influence decisions and behaviors.

  • Enhance your communication and negotiation skills.

  • Build stronger, more collaborative relationships.

  • Increase your effectiveness in leadership and management.

  • Boost your sales and marketing capabilities.

  • Achieve personal and professional goals more effectively.

Who Should Attend:

  • Sales and marketing professionals.

  • Leaders and managers seeking to influence their teams and stakeholders.

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners looking to gain a competitive edge.

  • Individuals interested in improving their communication and negotiation skills.

  • Anyone committed to enhancing their ability to influence and persuade.

Training Objectives:

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the principles of influence and persuasion.

  • Master effective communication and active listening.

  • Develop strategies to build rapport and trust.

  • Employ proven techniques to persuade and negotiate successfully.

  • Apply influence and persuasion skills to various aspects of life and work.

Training Outline Modules:

Module 1: Introduction to Influence and Persuasion

  • Understanding the psychology of influence.

  • Differentiating between influence and manipulation.

  • Assessing your current influencing and persuasion skills.

Module 2: Effective Communication and Active Listening

  • Improving verbal and non-verbal communication.

  • The power of active listening in persuasion.

  • Developing clarity and impact in your messaging.

Module 3: Building Rapport and Trust

  • Strategies for building rapport with others.

  • Establishing trust as a foundation for influence.

  • Leveraging empathy and understanding.

Module 4: Persuasion Techniques and Strategies

  • The art of persuasive storytelling.

  • Overcoming objections and resistance.

  • Navigating ethical considerations in persuasion.

Module 5: Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

  • Essential negotiation skills for influence.

  • Resolving conflicts through persuasive negotiation.

  • Achieving win-win outcomes.

Module 6: Applying Influence and Persuasion

  • Influencing in leadership and management.

  • Persuasion in sales and marketing.

  • Real-life application of influence and persuasion skills.

Trainer's Profile:

Available upon request.

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