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Certified Professional Training In HR Analytics: Intermediate


MYR 4,990 /Pax


Two Days Course


26th & 27th Aug 2024


Connexion, Bangsar South


100% HRDC Claimable T&C Applied


Human Resource analytics is a data-driven approach to managing people at work. As per Deloitte survey, 75 percent of the organizations believe that using HR/ People/Workforce analytics is critical for organizations of the future. 

HR analytics is considered as one area where organizations have a significant capability gap across the board. It is estimated that around 80 percent of the current HR workforce do not have the required analytics skills to analyze this increasingly data-driven area. As the power of analytics is changing businesses, understanding all dimensions of the workforce is critical for gaining competitive advantage.

Why You Should Attend:

The role of HR analytics is transforming how the HR department operates. It helps to give HR a strategic seat at the table for business decision-making and ensures those decisions are based on verifiable data. HR analytics can help to answer a number of key organizational questions and importantly, help the business to gain a competitive advantage.


It’s also about fairness and accountability when you look at it – it’s easier to point to decisions based on clear data than to those where opinion is the basis. Many a times, HR personnel needs to prepare and present the report in the intuitive way that management demands.  This workshop will help the HR personnel to prepare and present insightful analysis and reports to help the decision makers to act swiftly.

Measuring the ROI of HR initiatives, help companies to ensure that HR initiatives are contributing to the overall success of the organization, both in terms of employee satisfaction and financial performance. HR metrics like Absenteeism, Turnover rates, Recruitment efforts in terms of time and cost, Human capital should be helpful for any business to monitor ROI.

Who Should Attend:

  • HR Executives who wish to advance their HR analytical skills and move into more strategic roles.

  • HR Managers & leaders specially managers involved in recruitment and talent acquisition, talent and organizational development and talent retention. 

  • HR Business partners and Business leaders seeking insights into how HR data can impact organizational performance.

  • Department heads & leaders looking to optimize team performance.

  • Professionals who are looking to upgrade their career in HR Analytics.

Training Objectives:

Upon completion of HR analytics training, participants will gain the skills to make data-driven decisions by analyzing key HR metrics, improving employee performance, achieving a competitive advantage, identifying and solving workforce problems, realizing cost savings, and ensuring compliance with employment laws and regulations.

Training Outline Modules:

Module 1: Employee Attrition Analysis

  • Case Study: Understanding Employee AttritionConcepts

  • Data Exploration using Excel/Power BI

  • Exploring Relationships using Power BI

Module 2: Continued Attrition Analysis

  • Continuation of Employee Attrition Case StudyCalculating Measures and Creating Complex Graphs

  • Building Dashboards

  • Interpreting Results

Module 3: Training Drainage Analysis and Reporting

  • Case Study: Training Drainage AnalysisConcepts

  • Analyzing Data

Module 4: Continued Training Drainage Analysis

  • Continuation of Training Drainage Case StudyBuilding Dashboards

  • Generating Insights

Module 5: Measuring Employee Training Effectiveness

  • Case Study: Measuring Training EffectivenessConcepts

  • Analyzing Data

  • Building Dashboards

  • Generating Insights

Module 6: Recap and Q&A on Day 1

  • Key Learning Points from Day 1

  • Exploring Advanced Features in Power BI

Module 7: Case Study on Rewards, Benefits, Compensation

  • Case Study: Analyzing Rewards, Benefits, CompensationConcepts

  • Analyzing Data using Power BI and R Programming

Module 8:  Continued Compensation Analysis

  • Continuation of Compensation Case StudyBuilding Dashboards

  • Generating Insights

Module 9: Bring Your Data

  • Interactive Session: Participants Bring Their Data

  • Hands-on Application and Analysis

Module 10: Quiz Session

  • Continue with Hands-on Activities

  • Quiz to Reinforce Learning

Module 11: Recap and Q&A on Day 2

  • Review of Key Concepts

  • Addressing Participant Queries

Trainer's Profile:

Preeti Pandhu, holding an MSc and BSc in Applied Statistics, began her career as a lecturer before joining a SAS company's Audit and Research team for a decade. With roles ranging from L&D Manager to Analytics Specialist, she led projects in pricing, optimization, and predictive modeling. In the last four years, Preeti has crafted masterclass training programs, garnering acclaim in Southeast Asia. She has trained companies like SAS, Marina Bay Sands, Lenovo, OCBC Standard Chartered, SingPost in Singapore, and SAS, DBS, Bank Mandiri in Indonesia. Noteworthy collaborations in India include the Great Lakes Institute of Management, Fractal, Allianz, and Citi. Preeti's expertise extends to a technical review of Philip Holland's "SAS Programming and Data Visualization Techniques."

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