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Shifting Mindset, Attitudes, and Behaviors Training


MYR 6,000 Group / Day


Two Days Course


Date Upon Request


Client's Office


100% HRDC Claimable T&C Applied


In a rapidly changing world, the ability to shift mindset, attitudes, and behaviors is crucial for personal and professional growth. This transformative training program is designed to empower individuals and organizations to adapt, evolve, and thrive. Join us to unlock the secrets of positive change and create lasting shifts in mindset, attitudes, and behaviors.

Why You Should Attend:

  • Break free from limiting beliefs and habits.

  • Enhance personal and professional adaptability.

  • Improve communication and relationship-building skills.

  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement and growth.

  • Achieve your goals and aspirations with greater ease.

  • Navigate change and challenges with resilience.

Who Should Attend:

  • Individuals seeking personal and professional growth.

  • Leaders and managers looking to inspire positive change within their teams.

  • HR professionals responsible for fostering a culture of development.

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners aiming to adapt and innovate.

  • Anyone interested in creating lasting shifts in mindset, attitudes, and behaviors.

Training Objectives:

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the power of mindset and its impact on behavior.

  • Identify and overcome limiting beliefs and attitudes.

  • Develop strategies for positive behavior change.

  • Cultivate resilience in the face of challenges.

  • Create a growth-oriented culture within teams and organizations.

Training Outline Modules:

Module 1: The Power of Mindset

  • Understanding the relationship between mindset and behavior.

  • Assessing your current mindset and its impact.

  • Identifying the role of beliefs and attitudes.

Module 2: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Attitudes

  • Recognizing and challenging limiting beliefs.

  • Strategies for changing negative attitudes.

  • Building self-confidence and a growth mindset.

Module 3: Behavior Change Strategies

  • Setting clear and achievable behavior change goals.

  • Implementing behavior change techniques and strategies.

  • Overcoming resistance to change.

Module 4: Resilience and Adaptability

  • Developing resilience in the face of challenges.

  • Adapting to change and uncertainty with grace.

  • Maintaining motivation and perseverance.

Module 5: Communication and Relationship Building

  • Effective communication techniques for fostering change.

  • Building trust and rapport with others.

  • Handling resistance and conflicts with empathy.

Module 6: Cultivating a Growth-Oriented Culture

  • Leading by example and inspiring change within teams.

  • Creating a culture of continuous learning and development.

  • Sustaining positive shifts in mindset, attitudes, and behaviors.

Trainer's Profile:

Available upon request.

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