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Strategic Thinking & Planning Training


MYR 6,000 Group / Day


Two Days Course


Date Upon Request


Client's Office


100% HRDC Claimable T&C Applied


In today's dynamic and competitive business environment, the ability to think strategically and create effective plans is paramount for success. This training program is designed to equip individuals and organizations with the essential skills and knowledge required to develop and execute strategic plans that drive growth and achieve long-term objectives. Join us to unlock the power of strategic thinking and planning.

Why You Should Attend:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of strategic thinking and planning principles.

  • Learn how to align your actions with organizational goals.

  • Develop the ability to identify opportunities and mitigate risks.

  • Improve decision-making and problem-solving skills.

  • Enhance your leadership and strategic leadership capabilities.

  • Drive sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

Who Should Attend:

  • Senior executives and leaders responsible for strategic planning.

  • Managers and professionals seeking to enhance their strategic skills.

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners looking to drive growth.

  • Project managers involved in strategic initiatives.

  • Anyone interested in gaining expertise in strategic thinking.

Training Objectives:

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of strategic thinking and planning.

  • Identify key components of a strategic plan and the planning process.

  • Analyze internal and external factors that influence strategic decisions.

  • Develop actionable strategic plans tailored to specific goals.

  • Implement, monitor, and adapt strategic plans for long-term success.

Training Outline Modules:

Module 1: Introduction to Strategic Thinking

  • Understanding the importance of strategic thinking.

  • Differentiating between strategic and tactical decisions.

  • Assessing your current strategic mindset.

Module 2: Strategic Planning Fundamentals

  • Key components of a strategic plan.

  • The strategic planning process and its stages.

  • Setting clear objectives and success criteria.

Module 3: Environmental Analysis

  • Conducting a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats).

  • Evaluating the competitive landscape.

  • Identifying market trends and industry forces.

Module 4: Strategy Formulation

  • Crafting a clear and compelling vision.

  • Defining strategic goals and objectives.

  • Developing strategic initiatives and action plans.

Module 5: Implementation and Execution

  • Creating an execution roadmap.

  • Aligning resources and teams with the strategic plan.

  • Monitoring progress and making adjustments.

Module 6: Evaluation and Adaptation

  • Measuring the success of your strategic plan.

  • Strategies for continuous improvement and adaptation.

  • Navigating challenges and overcoming obstacles.

Trainer's Profile:

Available upon request.

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