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HR Analytics Mastery Series:

Certified Professional Training in HR Analytics - Recruitment & Operation - 16/19 August 2024

Connexion Conference & Event Centre


Other Trainings:

Professional Development Programs

Transformational learning programs to help you unleash your full potential

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Public Training


Custom Training

Where To Start?

1. Training Analysis and Course Selection

We are pleased to be your learning partner. Whether you are a professional seeking to improve your particular professional skills or a training manager looking to upskill his/her team, we are here to assist.

Feel free to choose from the accessible off-the-shelf classes. Alternatively, we would be pleased to collaborate with you to design a training specifically for you and your team.

2. Tailoring and Customization 

Once you have decided on the best suitable courses for you and your team, being a public program or an onsite/in-house training, we try to learn as much as we can about your organization’s products or services, culture, and individual training needs, so that we can tailor a the best customized course that is not only addressing your needs but also it is presented in a style and manner that fits your teams learning preference using the language and examples that your delegates can relate to.

3. Financing and Delivery

Our courses are HRDC claimable. You do not need to make any upfront payment as majority of courses offered by us are eligible for 100% claim from HRDC levy. Simply, check your HRDC balance, inform our officer and complete the registration process. Sit back and relax, as our team will handle the rest. If you need any assistance regarding your HRDC claim, worry not! Our team is more than happy to assist you right away.


We are really satisfied with the service. Throughout our engagement, they have shown excellent commitment and professionalism. We can rely on their knowledge and experience when it comes to Penjana Kerjaya related matters. We have also greatly benefitted from the workshop arranged for our employees. It was an eye opener and really a win-win arrangement. We highly recommend Cognitive Links as the go-to organization for Penjana Kerjaya related matters.  Amar, HR Manager - JJ Asia

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