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The Way Forward in ESG and Sustainability


MYR 6,000 Group / Day


Two Days Course


Date Upon Request


Client's Office


100% HRDC Claimable T&C Applied


In today's rapidly changing global landscape, the imperatives of Environmental, Social,  and Governance (ESG) and sustainability have transcended buzzwords to become fundamental drivers  of corporate success. The "Way Forward in ESG and Sustainability" course is a beacon illuminating the  path toward responsible business practices and sustainable development. This course is designed to  equip individuals and organizations with the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to navigate the  terrain of ESG and Sustainability.

Why You Should Attend:

  • Sustainability Advantage: Gain the edge in an evolving business landscape by fostering a sustainable and ethical approach.

  • Investor Attraction: Attract ESG-conscious investors and stakeholders, unlocking new growth opportunities.

  • Risk Management: Mitigate risks associated with environmental, social, and governance issues, safeguarding your organization's reputation.

  • Global Relevance: Equip yourself with skills and knowledge relevant on a global scale.

Who Should Attend:

  • Internal/External Stakeholders

  • Regulators and Compliance Officers 

  • Community and  Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

  • Educational Institutions & Industry Peers and Associations  

These diverse groups should benefit from awareness sessions tailored to their specific needs and  interests, promoting sustainability and ESG integration within the organization and its broader  ecosystem.

Training Objectives:

  • Understanding ESG: Develop a comprehensive understanding of ESG concepts and their impact on organizations.

  • Integration Strategies: Learn how to effectively incorporate ESG principles into your business strategy.

  • Measuring ESG Performance: Explore methods for measuring and reporting ESG performance.

  • Stakeholder Engagement: Understand how to engage stakeholders and communicate ESG initiatives.

  • Global Compliance: Stay up-to-date with international ESG standards and regulations.

Training Outline Modules:

Day 1:

Introduction to ESG and Sustainability

  • Definition and importance of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) factors

  • The role of sustainability in business and society

  • Global trends and regulations related to ESG and sustainability

Integrating ESG into Corporate Strategy

  • Identifying ESG risks and opportunities for businesses

  • Embedding sustainability principles in the decision-making process

  • Developing a sustainable business model

Environmental Factors (E) - Addressing Climate Change

  • Understanding the impact of climate change on businesses and communities

  • Strategies for reducing carbon footprint and mitigating climate risks

  • Green technologies and sustainable practices

Day 2:

Social Factors (S) - Enhancing Social Impact

  • Social responsibility and community engagement

  • Diversity, inclusion, and employee well-being

  • Supply chain management and labor practices

Governance Factors (G) - Ensuring Ethical Practices

  • Importance of ethical governance in sustainable organizations

  • Board diversity and accountability

  • Anti-corruption and transparency measures

Sustainable Investing and Financial Performance

  • The relationship between ESG performance and financial returns

  • Impact investing and responsible investment

Trainer's Profile:

Michael Samuel Certified Sustainability (ESG) Practitioner Program| Principal Trainer & Consultant | Certified HRD Corp Trainer.

Experience: Senior Human Resource Manager for Singapore listed Beyonics Technology, managing 3 plants for 10 years. Served in various industries ranging from Oil & Gas, Plastics, Leather Sofa, Precision Machining to Medical Products. Possess experience of more than 25 years in human resource and industrial relations and presently trains and consults in these areas. He is a Certified Advanced Sustainability Practitioner (CSE- US) in Sustainability / ESG (Environment, Social  & Governance) and conducts trainings in the wider aspects of ESG.

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