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24th November 2020

24th November 2020


24th Nov


Future Skills

What it means post-COVID, in the “new normal”? How can we use analytics to drive relevant future skill adoption and measure impact.

Steven Yong - Global Head HR Analytics, HSBC, Hong Kong

Employee Experience and Engagement


9.00 am - 9.45 am

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Driving Business Impact with People Analytics
In this session, we will focus on how you can leverage your existing sources of People data, including employee interactions and connections, combined with business data, to catalyze new insights and intelligence. Learn how you can leverage people analytics to transform your HR function from reactive to proactive and identify correlations and points of intervention to increase business impact and drive improved performance and profits. Real-life client cases from Panalyt will be provided.


Daniel J West - Founder & CEO, Panalyt, Singapore

Presentation By Panalyt


9.45 am - 10.30 am


SMM HR Digital Transformation Journey.

In this session, Swasono will share on how Sinar Mas Mining HR Digital Transformation Journey from 2017 to 2026 and from Transformation to Re-Formation

Swasono Satyo - CHRO Digital Technology Business Sinarmas Mining, Indonesia

HR Tech & Digital Transformation


10.30 am - 11.15 am


What kind of talent insights should you leverage to develop / localize your employer brand strategy and your Employer value proposition (EVP)?

In this session we will look at how companies can take a data-driven approach to define/localize your employer brand strategy to stand out from the competition. As companies begin to look at employer branding in a more structured manner, I will also highlight some of the data-driven KPIs companies look at to measure the success of their employer brand.

Pratik Sabherwal - Head of Employer Brand Advisory, APAC at Universum Singapore

Employer Branding Talent Acquisition


10.30 am - 11.15 am


Understanding The Role of Data & Analytics: •Understanding the employee journey using different emerging employee listening techniques, including pulse survey employee sentiment analysis and others. •Looking into how to simplify the technology experience and design HR programs that happen “in the flow of work”. •Delving into key takeaways, recommendations, and reflections based on the changes introduced to provide a digitally powered employee experience.

Harjeet Khanduja - Vice President of Human Resources, Reliance Jio, India

Employee Experience and Engagement


11.15 am - 12.00 pm


Dell’s cutting-edge digital transformation story

In this presentation, Samprita will cover areas where Dell’s lead the market in total rewards, and Dell’s thought of the big picture.

Samprita Majumder - Global Benefits Consultant, Dell Technologies, Singapore

Total Reward Analytics


11.15 am - 12.00 pm


Reinventing Performance Management

The way we measure performance is broken. Yet our organisations still heavily rely on the good old performance review systems to motivate and reward employees. But have you ever seen a poor performer transformed into a high performer thanks to a 360-performance review? In an eye-opening talk, Anne helps you debunk old myths around performance and engagement. Through concrete examples, she will invite you to rethink the way we design our performance management framework and share practical tips on how to boost motivation and performance in our organisations!  


Anne Caron – People Strategy Expert, Anne Caron Consulting, Singapore

Employee Experience and Engagement


12.00 pm - 12.45 pm


Case study: How Nestle uses Organizational Network Analysis to make talent decisions and provide better employee experience.

  • How to apply the mathematical concept of network analysis to organizational effectiveness and talent management

  • Practical findings from Nestle project work and my experiences

  • Considerations when planning an Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) project in your context


Kevin Erikson - Head of People Analytics, Asia & Oceania Region, Malaysia

Employee Experience and Engagement


12.45 pm - 13.30 pm


How to Start Implementing People Analytics in a Limited Resources: a Case Study from Moka
When HR imagines implementing People Analytics in a company, what comes to mind usually is advanced tools and technology along with high investment and financial capacity. But People Analytics is not about that. It should start from HR goals about the understanding and awareness of the term analytics itself. In this case study, we will share how Moka as a new startup company started implementing People Analytics with very limited resources.

Rendhy Ardya - General Manager of People at Moka, Indonesia 

Employee Experience and Engagement


12.45 pm - 13.30 pm

Round-Grey-daniel (1).jpg

Enabling Agile HR Decision Making with People Analytics.

It's almost the end of 2020: What's still keeping HR from becoming an Agile & Data-Driven function?

Why are most HR teams still stuck in a vicious cycle of doing a one-off piece of analysis, planning a few people initiatives around the insights gained, and then have no visibility into the success of those initiatives till six months or one year later-  while every other business function has near real-time insights available at their fingertips? 


Thanks to investments in HR digitization, companies are seeing an exponential rise in the volume and frequency of people data made available to them. But why are we not leveraging the data being collected across these People & Productivity systems to make strategic, data-informed talent decisions to drive business performance?  Why is HR still unable to assess the impact of people's decisions and initiatives on both people and business metrics, and course-correct as and when needed? 


So, what's keeping us from realizing Agile, Data-Driven HR functions in reality? We invite you to Panalyt's panel discussion on this topic to find out more

HR Thought Leaders’ Roundtable


13.30 pm - 14.15 pm


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